Special Masses


At the death of a loved one, please contact the funeral home of your choice. The funeral home will then get in touch with the parish to schedule a priest and funeral date. Grieving for a loved one is a natural process. Please know that we are here to help you and support you during this difficult time. Healing from the pain of grief can begin through the planning of your loved one's funeral. This can be a personal and loving celebration of that person's life and it can also be an opportunity for your family to begin the healing process at this time. 


The Hispanic communities in the United States continue to express their Christian faith through different rituals and practices that are culturally meaningful to them. Some times these expressions are not understood by members of other cultures and are not given the importance that they deserve as means of evangelization and of keeping alive the faith of the people. One such ritual is the celebration of Quince Años. Today, more than ever, young people need to appreciate and be grateful for the gift of life and to affirm their own commitment to Christ.

The time of preparation for this particular celebration offers a teachable moment to grow deeper in faith, hope, and love and to discover the riches of culture and of liturgy. This ritual has been practiced in several Spanish speaking countries, but it seems to have come to the United States particularly through Mexico.
Since the celebration of QUINCE ANOS is not a Sacrament but a sacramental, no specific norms or guidelines are given officially by the Church. We ask Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to bless in a special way those young persons and their parents and sponsors who seek to express publically their gratitude for those precious gift of life and to commit themselves personally to lead a true Christian life.
There are a number of customary elements in the religious aspect of the ritual that lend themselves to a deeper faith encounter and commitment. As a religious event the rite should be seen as primarily an act of thanksgiving. Because life is a precious gift from God, Latinos have a deep gratitude for it and consider it sacred. A young woman’s life is particularly sacred because now she too is potentially capable of giving life. In this way she also raises the question of cultural survival and provides and opportunity for Latinos to celebrate their life and culture as well.