Prayer and Life Workshops

The primary aim of the Prayer and Life Workshops (PLW) is to help people grow closer to God through prayer. Prayer, as taught in the PLW, is a personal encounter with a loving God; an exchange of intimacies and not just words.     The way to learn and develop a life of prayer is through practice. In the Prayer and Life Workshops you will learn how to pray in an orderly, varied, and gradual manner that will change your life as you become a man or woman of prayer.  True discipleship begins with a prayerful life. Faith is built through prayer and intimacy with God. The Prayer and Life Workshops (offered at St. Philip and other local parishes), will guide you through a series of practical prayer methods and exercises. Each week you will grow and experience a process of liberation and healing that will help you become the Christian God wants you to be.  

During the week you will practice what you learn and apply it to your everyday life.  As a result of deeply living the Workshop and practicing surrender, you will learn to heal wounds of the heart, reconcile broken relationships, and let go of fear, anger, and sadness.  Thus, you will slowly become filled with a peace never before imagined.  You will experience a newfound freedom and recapture the joy of living! 

The PLW will help initiate a vital transformation in you!  Through the contemplation of the image of Jesus and His characteristics, you will learn to pray like Jesus, love like Jesus, and become less concerned about yourself and more concerned about others. 

The Workshop consists of 14 two-hour weekly sessions and a Desert Day.  A total of 14 Prayer Methods are taught and practiced throughout the Workshop, helping you learn to pray by experiencing prayer.  There are no registration fees. Workshops are offered in both English and Spanish.  The Spanish workshops are called Talleres de Oración y Vida (TOV). 

Becky Almaraz (661) 304-3283 – or Vito Almaraz (661) 342-0953 –