Elementary Religious Education

Religious Education Registration for Elementary and Jr. High preparation classes will not begin until July 2021 for the 2021-2022 Session Year

Requirements, tuition fee, class schedule and location TBA.


The Elementary Religious Education program, known as ERE,  is a parish and family-based religious education program, geared to help young people in grades 1-5 come to know Jesus Christ and begin to form a life-long relationship with Him. Through the sharing of personal faith stories, personal witness, the use of Church-approved catechetical materials, family involvement in sacramental preparation, craft activities, study of the traditions of the Church, and praise of God through prayer, song and Liturgy, our parish youngsters receive a solid foundation in their faith development.

The Sunday School program is intended to introduce our children, ages 3 through kindergarten, to God and to bring them closer to Jesus. The program is liturgically based so children hear the day's Gospel on their own age level.

For families who may need financial assistance, more information or to volunteer for the program please contact Desiree Joseph, the Elementary Religious Education Coordinator at (661) 847-8446 or (661) 220-0496 or [email protected]