Catholics in Action

Catholics in Action Mission Statement:

Called by Pope Francis and inspired by the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, we are a community who seeks to encounter, learn, and actively involve ourselves in the cry for justice, and respond with all of our might.

As a group, we want to educate and move the St. Philip’s community to action on the Social Issues of the day. We also meet and mobilize as events come up. 

The diocese of Fresno also has a vibrant Social Justice Ministry and we are trying to tap into some of their activities and events.  Currently, the diocese is looking for persons interested in the following to serve on committees or organize events around the following topics:

Ministry’s to the:
Incarcerated / Death Penalty
Refugees and other Immigration Issues
Ending of Human Trafficking
HumanRights Issues
Restorative Justice Issues
Environmental Issues
Community Organizing

We are a small group but are always ready for new ideas and new people to join us!