About our Preschool


St Philip’s Preschool offers quality preschool education in a Christian atmosphere of love and acceptance.  Through play, discovery, school readiness, and exploration your child is given the opportunity to learn and grow in all areas: physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and cognitively.  At our preschool your child’s best interests is our highest priority.  Religious education is presented very simply and positively and in the total context of the child’s life.  We don’t feel that young children are ready for formal religious education in the sense of learning dogma, theology, or memorization of formal prayers.  A young child is very naturally open to the Spirit of God.  He or she can see the world with fresh eyes and respond with a sense of wonder and joy.  Their prayers are simple and pure of heart.  Children learn that they are special, unique, and utterly loved by God their Father.

We follow the basic public school calendar with a few exceptions. We start shortly after the public schools start (after Labor Day) and we end our program in late May.  The months of November, December and April, which include Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter vacations, will be the same fee as other months. Total tuition is divided equally into nine months of payment.     


We provide a thematic curriculum.  The weekly themes, chosen for their relevance and interest to preschoolers, help children understand and retain discovered information.

Preschoolers cannot be “taught” in the traditional sense.  They are naturally inquisitive and eager to explore, create and learn.  We offer them abundant opportunities to interact naturally with their environment.

An effective preschool program matches the child’s level of development, therefore we are divided into five different classes.  In addition to our themes, all classes offer introduction to letters, numbers, colors, days of the week, and shapes.  Our Pre-Kindergarten classes include more readiness activities in the normal sequence of development.  These abilities are acquired when the children are encouraged to solve problems, explore, and work cooperatively in a group and be kind to others.  All these things happen while children are “playing.”  Our program encourages children to be:

            ☺Explorers      ☺Thinkers

            ☺Creators        ☺Communicators

            ☺Socializers     ☺Interactors

            ☺Questioners   ☺Reasoners

            ☺Problem Solvers

Our teachers help them form basic concepts, while nurturing self-esteem in a loving Christian environment.   



Scheduled during the year we have Christmas programs and End-or-the-year programs (featuring the children).

Bakersfield Police Department Safety Bike Rodeo and Patriotic Parade!


We have special parties for all major holidays, including a pumpkin patch, costume parade,  bicycle parade, Easter egg hunt, and a visit from Santa. We also celebrate each child’s birthday in the classroom and other special events.  We end the school year with a “Family Picnic” in our backyard.


Thank You Bakersfield City Fire Department and our friend "Fireman Lou"!

Our curriculum is supplemented with special presentations and visits from firemen, policemen, dentist, and other community helpers.

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is always exciting!


A nutritious snack is served each day, with a special lunch box day once a month.

  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Break
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Lincoln’s Birthday
  • President’s Day
  • Easter Break

*St. Philip's Preschool follows the KCSOS holiday schedule.