High School Confirmation Updates

Important Notes for High School Confirmation

-Confirmation Mass (Year 2 Only): Bishop Brennan has released a directive that states all sacraments are to be postponed, so, at this time confirmation mass scheduled for Saturday, April 25th, 2020 has been indefinitely postponed. Once we are given more information, as the current COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we will inform you immediately of any changes and/or set dates.

-Confirmation Classes: Yes, we still have class. Students will complete all work and assignments online via Google Classrooms. Students will have the entire Week from Sunday to Saturday to complete that week's work. We will, to the best of our ability remain on schedule for the completion of the year according to our original calendar. Attendance is taken by sufficient completion of assignments posted. Some assignments may be returned to students for further completion. 

Year 1 Classroom Code: rovtmmy          |         Year 2 Classroom Code: dnb4eie


-Requirements: All requirements stand, with the exception of Parish and Service Projects. 

          -Due to the State mandated shelter-in/social distancing order, any remaining service/parish projects will be waived. 

          -At present, as all Diocese of Fresno employees including St. Philip’s Staff has been asked to remain off site of the church campus, we do not have access to the program with your recorded completed requirements. Students were given a form at the beginning of the year to track their completed requirements. We will be using the honor code for students until we are able to access our offices onsite.  

          -One on one meetings with Bre will remain and be conducted during office hours via one of the following: Google Hangout, Facetime, or Zoom. For appointments go to: https://calendly.com/breanab/confirmation-year-2-meetings

          -Parent/Student Exalt requirement that was scheduled for March 18th, at this time we do not have anything concrete to replace it, but we are working on possible options to meet the requirement.

         -Sponsors (Year 2 Only): Sponsor Forms need to be turned in as soon as possible, we understand that in the current situation this may be difficult. We ask that all forms are either mailed to St. Philip the Apostle Church or emailed to the High School Confirmation Director. Most churches are still avaiable via email and phone call. If you have further questions please email the High School Confirmation Director at: [email protected]


-Youth Ministry Live: High School Youth Ministry if offering wide and varying opportunities for students to meet their needed Youth Ministry attendance requirements. In order to gain attendance students must actively participate in the small group either via: voice chat, messaging chat, or video chat options that are offered. Student’s are also asked to watch the majority of the content provided. Student’s names will be recorded as seen, and students are asked to email Bre a screenshot of their participation in the content. We are offering content Mondays-Fridays and Sundays. 

YouTube Channel: St. Philip Youth| https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO0nUu2ZeZjGBafwgMFp5cQ/featured?disable_polymer=1

Instagram: @stphilips_youth

Zoom Meeting: Links will be in our instagram bio | or texted out as needed.


Life Teen International: Links, for YouTube will be sent and Instagram @lifeteen https://lifeteen.com/ | Please see their instagram for schedule of events

Project YM: https://projectym.com/live/

Schedule of High School Youth Content:

Mon-Friday @1:15 pm | Daily Reading Bible Study | YouTube Live

Monday @6:30pm | Summit Bible Study | Zoom

Tuesday @6:00pm | Discipleship Group: Hope | Zoom

Wednesday @7:00pm | Youth Group | Instagram Live

Thursday @6:00pm | Discipleship Group: Prayer | Zoom