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Catechist Certification

How does being certified as a catechist benefit me?

Receiving the Basic Catechist Certification allows for any persons, non-ordained or lay, who lead or instruct others in the Catholic faith: training, methodology, and theology to help improve and support in their catechesis.

Who can be certified?*

All members of the church, non-ordained or lay persons, who lead or instruct others in the Catholic faith may start the process. This would be especially beneficial to all those assisting in teaching catechetical and faith formation programs including: all Sacramental Preparation, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Marriage, Reconciliation, Rite of Christian Initiation, educators in Catholic schools, bible study, home-schooling, and all faith formation.

*For further information on policies set by the Diocese of Fresno please click here.

What do I need to do in order to RECEIVE certification?

  • Complete Echoes of Faith Plus formation program which includes: Five Theology Topics; Three Catechist Topics; and Two Methodology Topics (See the calendar below for classes being offered at St. Philip the Apostle Church)

  • Completion of a minimum of eight (8) hours of personal spiritual development.(Does not include bible study, workshops, lectures, or a Diocesan Congress, and it is not “learning” or “instructional” in nature— where you are taught techniques, processes, or information.)

  • Attendance of one Fresno Diocesan Congress (Click here for information on Congress)

  • Intern Observation: The candidate will observe a Master catechist using the Intern Observation Form and give written comments on the methods, skills, techniques, and tools used for the faith formation session.

  • Candidate Assessment: The candidate will be observed and assessed by a Master Catechist or an “approved veteran” catechist within a classroom setting using the Candidate Assessment Form.

  • Candidates are given 2 years from their first Echoes of Faith Plus formation course to complete certification.

Certification Registration Packets will be available in person at each class. Please note classes do not have to be taken in order and you may start at anytime.

For further questions please contact Bre Benavidez, Youth Minister and Catechist Certification Coordinator at 66.847.8447 |

Basic Catechist Certification Class Calendar.png

If you are unable to take the classes onsite at St. Philip the Apostle Church please click here for the Catechist Formation Course Schedule provided throughout our Diocese. Please note that classes at other parishes may charge $5 -$10 and require a book.

St. Philip the Apostle Classes are free to parishioners who are active volunteers in a ministry and class sets of books are provided for in class use only.